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About Us / Our Approach

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Come “play” Mandarin (Chinese) with Play Mandarin! As an Ofsted-registered Mandarin language school, we provide engaging and interactive lessons for children aged 1.5 to 11. Join us in discovering the beauty of Mandarin through play and exploration! 

At Play Mandarin, our core value is "playing while learning, learning while playing", using the CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) combined with structured weekly themes. We open throughout school holiday weekends and do not follow term time schedules. We believe language learning is an ongoing process that should continue throughout the year. Our curriculum is based on more than 100 tailor-made learning games designed for children under 11, combined with flexible bookings and class choices. Play Mandarin makes learning Chinese fun, productive and easy for children and parents! Our lessons and activities are designed for children’s life and social experiences to increase their community awareness, cultural awareness, and self-awareness while learning Mandarin. At Play Mandarin, not only do we bring Mandarin to your children, 'but we shorten the distance between other cultures and communication styles, broadening your child's mind and expanding their inner world'. As your children continue to explore Mandarin, they will also learn to appreciate and respect the multicultural societies we live in.


We provide immersive, educational, and fun learning environments for children under 11. We also understand that all children and parents need flexibility! With Play Mandarin, you no longer have to worry about wasting money on classes you cannot attend. With our flexible membership packages, any unused credits can roll over into the next month, and you can book up to 30 minutes or cancel up to 24 hrs (or 2 hours based on your package) before the class. There is also the opportunity to pick and mix the classes your child would like to attend, age group allowing. Each theme of the week can be reviewed and practised repeatedly throughout the week, combined with different types of games, ensuring things never get boring. It prevents children from forgetting the previous lesson when they get home and rushing to the next chapter already in the next class. Our structure also means you don't have to worry about waiting until the next term to start! Learning should not get delayed. Let's start today! 

Why are we different from other language schools?

  • FLEXIBLE BOOKING- Our membership gives you access to our brilliant app. You can book at the last moment, only 30 minutes before class begins, or cancel with only 24 hours' notice (or 2hours based on your package). All can be done within a few clicks on our app. 
  • NO TERMLY INTAKES- No more paying up-front for the whole term. You can sign up anytime to get started. And we open all year (except from bank holidays) as we believe language learning should continue throughout the year. 
  • NO MORE MONEY WASTING- Unused credits can roll over into next month, so you can enjoy and make the most of the classes you’ve paid for. 
  • A GENUINE IMMERSIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT- We have a minimum of 8 classes a week, combining online and face-to-face classes. Play Mandarin takes an extra step to make sure we provide an immersive learning environment and easy booking accessibility to our fun-filled sessions.
  • WE CATER FOR THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS- Our online classes are here to make sure your child absorbs all the content and can progress into our next weekly theme, even while you are away.
  • MONTHLY WORKSHOPS- We have monthly workshops such as Chinese calligraphy writing,  Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival, Chinese cooking, Mandarin Drama, Hand Puppet Show, Sports Day, Artwork, Folk Dance, and Music workshops, etc.  
Eve Chen Headteacher and Founder of Play Mandarin

Founder / Eve Chen

I'd love to share a bit about my journey with you! I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Taiwan, where Mandarin was my first language. Learning English, my second language, began when I was just a little one. I can still vividly recall my mom's search for the perfect English school for my sister and me. She was concerned that a strict teaching style might dampen our enthusiasm for this new language adventure. We hopped from one English school to another until we found the one that truly resonated with us. Those days are filled with cherished memories of laughter and learning.

For me, picking up a second language has never felt like a chore. I'm forever grateful to my mom for the dedication she poured into our language education. I firmly believe that learning another language goes beyond practicality; it nurtures a child's sense of self, understanding of others, and curiosity about the world. It empowers them to explore new facets of life, igniting a lifelong passion for discovery. The vibrant and immersive language school I attended shaped my perspective in profound ways, ultimately inspiring me to create something similar!

As a language teacher, I understand the challenges kids face in the UK when it comes to finding opportunities to practice Mandarin. Keeping that interest alive can be quite a task. This is exactly why I came up with Play Mandarin.

Our guiding principle is simple: "Learn while playing, and play while learning." I hope Play Mandarin becomes a wonderful companion on your child's language-learning journey, creating delightful and meaningful experiences along the way.

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