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Play Mandarin Learning Materials

Members are able to download our after-class learning materials here!

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After-class Materials & Recommended Extra Materials

Exclusive material downloads are reserved for our valued members. Kindly refer to the monthly download password sent to your email to access this content.

Themed Class Exclusive Materials 主題班課本

Exclusive Weekly Thematic Curriculum

Tailored for budding minds aged 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 (for non-native speakers), our meticulously crafted weekly thematic resources are designed to ignite curiosity and nurture linguistic proficiency. Perfect for both young speakers and beginner learners over 6 years old.

Exclusive Mandarin Learning Sheets

Bespoke After-Class Learning Sheets

Embark on a journey of Mandarin mastery with our tailor-made interactive learning sheets. Exclusively available in the after-class email, these sheets encapsulate the essence of each session, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience beyond the confines of the classroom. Suitable for all classes, including Baby Classes.

Hello Huayu
hello huayu

Hello Huayu! Program

Introducing "Hello Huayu!" - a comprehensive Chinese textbook series tailored for K-6 Chinese beginners. Our program employs a visually engaging picture-style approach, showcasing real-life scenarios to captivate children's attention. Combined with practical conversational exercises in Chinese, students seamlessly embrace language acquisition. Hello HuaYu is specifically curated for children aged 6 and above.

Smart Reading Pen

Smart Reading Pens

Exclusive to Play Mandarin in the UK, our IntelliReader Pens redefine language learning. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, these pens elevate reading comprehension and pronunciation skills, delivering an unparalleled learning journey for our students.


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Play Mandarin
UK Exclusive Materials

In addition to interactive games with our exclusive teaching materials, smart reading recording pen also has an audio recording function. When paired with our cute little duck stickers, you can record what you want on the stickers and use them on all kinds of storybooks and even greeting cards as you wish!!

Here we have different packages available to purchase based on your children's needs.

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