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Mandarin Holiday Immersion Camp

(Weekly Themed)

Individual Week, Half or Full Day Available

Half-Day 9:30-12:30 / Full-Day 9:30-15:30 / Late pick up: 15:30-16:30


(Wimbledon) Pelham Primary School, Southey Rd, London SW19 1NU

(Hammersmith) Larmenier & Sacred Heart Primary School, W6 7BL

Let your children explore a world of wonder in our dynamic holiday camps, tailored for ages three and up! Each camp offers a unique adventure centred around captivating themes, from the richness of Chinese culture to exciting career explorations. Whether they're aspiring chefs, budding magicians, or young entrepreneurs, there's something to ignite every imagination.

Engage in drama, music, and traditional Chinese board games, or embrace the excitement of Sports Day. Our camps promise unforgettable experiences where fun and learning intertwine, fostering creativity and friendships. Enroll your child today for laughter, growth, and cherished memories!

​*Minimum age is 3 years old. 

Upcoming Holiday Camp
Theme: Summer Holiday camp (weekly themed)
Date: 29 July - 23 August 2024

Holiday camp daily timetable
Career experience camp 2024 (Instagram 貼文).png
summer camp space week 2024 (Instagram 貼文).png
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Money matters for kids Summer camp 2024 (Instagram 貼文).png
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