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Welcome to Play Mandarin, where we embody the philosophy of "learning through play and playing while learning" with our innovative CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology and structured weekly themes.

Experience the excitement and joy of Mandarin learning as we nurture your child's curiosity and passion through engaging classes tailored just for them. From dynamic weekly classes to holiday camps, monthly workshops, and personalised 1-1 classes, - we've got it all!

Our CLIL approach seamlessly integrates cultural experiences, music, art, drama, science experiments, and storytelling with Mandarin instruction, creating an unforgettable educational journey. Within our immersive environment, children are empowered to express themselves in Mandarin, honing this invaluable skill from the start.

But it's not just about language acquisition. Our curriculum also boosts confidence, refines coordination, sharpens concentration, and enhances communication skills. With our positive and encouraging approach, your child will leave with newfound focus, a sense of achievement, and a lasting love for learning.



Baby Mandarin Classes
Exclusive Mandarin Materials

18-36 Months


Learning together with their parents, children can develop their interests in Mandarin through our immersive and playful learning environment.


We believe in having parents join classes as it helps them to understand the growth and progress of their children, as well as creates a wonderful opportunity for bonding time. It is the best way to start the journey of learning a new language.


Non-Mandarin speaking parents can also learn together with their children and we encourage you to practice together at home.


Themed Class
Exclusive Mandarin Materials

3-6 Years Old

Theme Class

Big Themed Class
Exclusive Mandarin Materials
hello huayu

Immerse your child in engaging themed classes tailored to enhance listening and speaking skills. Our dedicated team at Play Mandarin has meticulously crafted exclusive interactive weekly lessons for children aged 3-6 years old and 6-9 years old (Big Themed Class).

Each themed session is a dynamic blend of songs, handicrafts, sounds, interactive games, and more, meticulously designed to ignite your child's passion for Mandarin while reinforcing memory through enjoyable repetition and playful activities.

After every class, parents receive a concise email summary of the day's lesson, sometimes accompanied by digital interactive learning sheets for at-home practice, ensuring continuous progress beyond the classroom.

For 6-9 year-olds, we offer specialised classes tailored to both native and non-native speakers. Non-native classes utilise our curated weekly themed materials, while native speaker classes leverage Hello Huayu resources supplemented by our exclusive extra learning sheets sent via our after-class emails.

Join us at Play Mandarin and watch your child flourish in a supportive and immersive Mandarin learning environment!

6-11 Years Old




Chinese Character Classes
hello huayu

 4-11 Years Old


In our Chinese Characters Game Class, we offer both traditional and simplified character classes, using Hello Huayu materials to enhance learning. These engaging resources, including graphical games and memory methods, reinforce Chinese character recognition and writing skills interactively.

Additionally, we provide light homework assignments with our tailored learning sheets, aligning with class content and catering to individual learning needs.

This extension of learning beyond the classroom helps solidify understanding and proficiency in reading and writing Chinese.

By combining Hello HuaYu materials with Play Mandarin way of teaching and our exclsuively designed learning sheets, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that empowers students to progress confidently in their Mandarin language journey.


Mandarin Story Class
Exclusive Mandarin Materials

 3-9 Years Old


At Play Mandarin, we fuse the enchantment of music with Mandarin learning! Dive into captivating storytelling sessions where language dances to enchanting melodies. Our Story Club immerses children in engaging narratives and enhances speaking skills through interactive storytelling set to lively tunes. Join us for a fun-filled journey where language and music intertwine, exploring the beauty of both through instruments and musical appreciation!

Story Art Class
Exclusive Mandarin Materials

 4-11 Years Old


Story Themed Art club is where we combine storytelling with art for a comprehensive two-hour session of creativity and imagination.

Led by our experienced art teacher, this immersive class promises to bring the most thrilling parts of the story to life through vibrant artwork. In the first hour, we'll delve into exciting stories carefully selected for our young learners. Then, in the second hour, children will unleash their imagination as they create unique artwork inspired by the stories.

Join us for a two-credit adventure where creativity knows no bounds!


Performance Art Classes
Exclusive Mandarin Materials

4-9 Years Old


Play Mandarin's Performance Art class will teach children Mandarin through dancing, singing, acting and playing traditional drums. Our curriculum is designed to

  • help children build confidence 

  • improve coordination

  • enhance concentration

  • strengthen their communication skills

In addition to having fun and learning Chinese at Play Mandarin, these are the benefits your child will take home with them: greater confidence, enhanced concentration and a better understanding of what they can accomplish. We look forward to learning and growing together with every child with great potential!

Online Mandarin Class
Exclusive Mandarin Materials
hello huayu

 4-11 Years Old


Our online Mandarin classes run year-round, including during school holidays, with the same experienced teaching team as our in-person sessions. From Themed ClassStory Class to Zhuyin (Bopomofo) and Chinese Characters Games Class, we offer a diverse range of engaging courses tailored for young learners. Designed for those unable to attend in person or seeking extra practice, our classes ensure continuous language development.

Themed Mandarin Learning Materials

Exclusive Weekly Thematic Curriculum

Tailored for budding minds aged 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 (for non-native speakers), our meticulously crafted weekly thematic resources are designed to ignite curiosity and nurture linguistic proficiency. Perfect for both young speakers and beginner learners over 6 years old.

Play Mandarin Exclusive Learning Sheets

Bespoke After-Class Learning Sheets

Embark on a journey of Mandarin mastery with our tailor-made interactive learning sheets. Exclusively available in the after-class email, these sheets encapsulate the essence of each session, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience beyond the confines of the classroom. Suitable for all classes, including Baby Classes.

Hello Huaya Materials
Hello Huayu Materials

Hello Huayu! Program

Introducing "Hello Huayu!" - a comprehensive Chinese textbook series tailored for K-6 Chinese beginners. Our program employs a visually engaging picture-style approach, showcasing real-life scenarios to captivate children's attention. Combined with practical conversational exercises in Chinese, students seamlessly embrace language acquisition. Hello HuaYu is specifically curated for children aged 6 and above.

Smart Reading Pen

Smart Reading Pens

Exclusive to Play Mandarin in the UK, our IntelliReader Pens redefine language learning. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, these pens elevate reading comprehension and pronunciation skills, delivering an unparalleled learning journey for our students.

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