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We are absolutely thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated Play Mandarin Schedule for 2024! Get ready for an extraordinary lineup of events that promise fun, learning, and unforgettable memories!

Art Exhibit

Wimbledon/Morden Events:

  • ​Jan 21st: Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Jan 28th: Chinese New Year BABY Workshop (18 months-36 months)

  • Feb 10th: Chinese New Year Family Party (TBC)

  • Feb 11th: Chinese New Year Family Party

  • Feb 12th-16th: February Half-Term Camp (5 days)

  • Feb 25th: Lantern Festival Workshop

  • March 17th: Kung Fu & Dragon Dance Workshop

  • April 2nd-12th: Easter Camp (4 days + 5 days)

  • April 28th: Science Workshop

  • May 12th: Parent-Teacher Conference

  • May 19th: Career Experience Workshop

  • May 28th-31st: Dragon Boat Festival Half-Term Camp

  • June 2nd: Dragon Boat Festival BABY Family Party (18 months-36 months)

  • June 9th: Dragon Boat Festival Family Party

  • June 15th: Wimbledon/Morden family picnic

  • July 7th: Water Gun Art Carnival Workshop

  • July 29th - Aug 23rd: Summer Camp

  • Sep 7th: Mid-Autumn Festival BABY Family Party (18 months-36 months)

  • Sep 8th: Mid-Autumn Festival Family Party (TBC)

  • Sep 15th: Mid-Autumn Festival Family Party (TBC)

  • Oct 13th: Traditional Culture Workshop

  • Oct 20th: Parent-Teacher Conference

  • Oct 28th – 31st: Autumn Half-Term Camp

  • Nov 17th: Traditional Performing Arts Workshop

  • Dec 15th: Christmas Family Party

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